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Can you imagine that some parts of your car look like this?

Some carbon deposits are deposited on your car parts

diesel particulate filter dpf carbon cleaning


dirty catalyzer carbon cleaning

Catalytic Converter

injector carbon cleaning

Petrol Injectors

injector nozzle carbon cleaning

Nozel Diesel

dirty spark plug carbon cleaning

Engine Spark Plug

EGR carbon cleaning

EGR Valve

turbo carbon cleaning


engine valve carbon cleaning

Engine Values

dirty oxygen sensor carbon cleaning

Lambda Oxygen Sensor

engine piston carbon cleaning

Engine Pistons

Yes, there is no way to know that they are in the same situation – which is contaminated and with lots of their accumulated carbon deposits !
And the worst is that there is no “sensor for carbon deposit” in your machine!

This in turn becomes a problem only when the car starts to lose dynamic performance or at least see a signal on the “Check Engine” dashboard and your vehicle coming into the emergency mode conditions happen for various reasons, but the question is how to handle the problem or how to prevent it ?

We have an innovative solution — HHO Carbon Cleaner 6.0

which can remove carbon deposits in just 20 minutes and without unloading

hho carbon cleaner


Get rid of car carbon deposits

Start and expand your business from HHO Carbon Cleaner

hho carbon cleaner prodcut

About the technology

The HHO carbon cleaner machine, also known as car engine carbon cleaning machine, automotive hydrogen & oxygen carbon removal machine, is specifically designed to remove the internal carbon deposits of parts such as automobile engine blocks, spark plugs and fuel supply nozzles,which can help improve engine power, reduce vehicle exhaust and save fuel.

The HHO carbon cleaner machine is the most popular and innovative technology of decarbonization method after foam-type carbon deposition and spot-type carbon deposition. It uses the principle of hydrogen and oxygen catalysis, the principle of oxygen-enriched combustion, the principle of water-hydrogen circulation, etc., and removes carbon from the interior of car engines and related accessories.

I am so happy with carbon cleaning effect. Before cleaning, I disassemble spark plug to check, and after cleaning, I also check the spark plug, HHO6.0 cleaned the spark plug. I am very satisfied. Also emission test removed some carbons. Wonderful. I will show it to my clients.

Jomar , Car service center owner

Hi, sorry for late respond. Your machine working perfect, it is top top top. Now I am preparing one short video for showing to the clients. I am not sure which mechanics shops are better, bigger or smaller? Something I know, that I will buy that machines and rent it to the services.

Marjan Orucoski, Technical manager from auto parts company

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